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Surely you have dreamed watching Star Wars to whiz on a flying aircraft like that of Luke Skywalker, now this is the reality.

The Aero-X a ” miniature hovercraft “, will be produced in series from 2017 by the American Aerofex (at cost of $ 85,000), that with this product, after the achievement of a specific license, ensures the transportation of two persons (load maximum capacity of 140 kg)to 3 meters in height, on the ground or water, at a speed of 72 km / h.


The aircraft with a weight of 365 kg, 4,5 meters long, wide 2,1 has a composite structure made ​​of carbon fiber and is driven by a petrol engine of 240 HP with three rotors (two for lift and one for forward) , using two large horizontal carbon fiber propellers (one in front and one at the rear) fails to work (under full load) continuously for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Image credits:ybnews.biz