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Fex, an exoskeletal glove to restoring life to the hands


Fex, TelerobotLabs

By Telerobot Labs of Genoa there comes a new technology to “restore life to the hands.” It is Fex, an exoskeletal glove for rehabilitation of the hand, developed and patented by Telerobot Labs and tested at San Raffaele Pisana in Rome.

The applications of the Fex glove ranging from neurology to orthopedics. Adaptable to the hands of any size, can be used to encourage and support people with different types of disabilities, such as veterans from stroke.

The device is based on a under-actuated flexible exoskeleton with a DC electric motor connected to four independent exoskeletal fingers with vertebrae-like units.
The engine tends four metal cables through a unit based on springs so as to extend the four fingers (index, middle, ring, little finger).

They currently have not yet implemented actuation and bending of the thumb, adduction and abduction of the fingers.

Fex, TelerobotLabs

Moreover, in a short time, will also be introduced electromyographic controls and the device will be available next April 2015.

A structure easy to wear, able to leave the palm of your hand allowing free natural interaction with objects, a new chapter in addition to those that are the new frontiers of robotics. Frontiers ranging combining more and more the potential of robotics to the needs and human needs.

And about this Genoa is one of the greatest exponents. On the one hand Telerobot Labs and the other the Italian Institute of Technology from whose collaboration was born iCub, an international project on humanoid robotics. A robot able to learn from the external environment. A mission, that of collaboration between humans and robots, which brought Telerobot Labs of Genoa to face with the reality of German Kuka, pioneer of robotics and automation, in the creation of an arm capable of managing the interaction with the environment.

“The robot -says Eng. Becchi, general manager of Telerobot Labs, in an interview with the Italian magazine ‘Il Secolo XIX’- no longer confined to do what was planned, but learn from the environment around him. ”

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