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PakTa: the new supersonic cargo plane

The new vehicle of the Russian army is characterized by speed and load capacity more than the ones of C-5 Galaxy, the largest US cargo plane.


A new supersonic cargo

The new vehicle that the Russians are planning is called PakTa, it is a cargo plane of the Russian army. It will fly at supersonic speeds, about 2000 kilometers per hour, and it will carry up to 200 tons. It will then be able to reach any part of the world in just seven hours carrying up to 400 tanks. The military aircraft will be equipped with a gas turbine and an electric motor that will allow a range of 7,000 kilometers. The vehicle will far surpass both in speed and load capacity the C-5 Galaxy, the largest cargo plane of the US Army, which reaches about 830 kilometers per hour with a load of 120 tons.

The Russian program PakTa predicts that 80 new cargo planes will be built by 2024, with which the Russian army will be able to carry weapons, military vehicles and men in a very short time.

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